but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”

Courtyard in Oaxaca, Mexico. Taken by Rachel Smith.

Ok so why there is no Fanmail? in this? 
… to let someone know about a post, I have to open up Fanmail and copypaste URL :/
? or is there any hidden gimmick here?

Ok so why there is no Fanmail? in this?

… to let someone know about a post, I have to open up Fanmail and copypaste URL :/

? or is there any hidden gimmick here?


Limeade is a drink, not a benefit concert for limes

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winter storm “Vulcan”

winter storm “Vulcan”

What is this weather

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Buy a thing,

Lose a thing in less than 24hrs.

Buy another one.

Asks for any chain or strap thing for it I can tie it to my waist and shop ppl makes a face like never heard of such thing :/

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But for most of global - human population, still “family” is the absolute foremost unit they have ties to, or tied to, or got loyalty obligations, boundaries.

Thing is this line, territoriality - border - boundary - or sphere is not really articulated out in our modern language and thinking.

So while in public sphere, many words, articles, assertions short or long - mentions ‘care’ - the collision, conflicts with this ‘family unit thing’ and non-family type of - interaction between these two, and then how ‘care’ can really play out -

this collision, conflict never really gets stepped in.

Most of us are still in this family loyalty thing. From tradition. Inheriting. And cannot break the boundaries. And that is quite natural, because modern, more abstract or modern ideas and norms based ways - of affirming and caring individuals or members of the place/society - cannot offer something as family does.

I don’t know for sure but US constitution thing etc probably does not mention family. Family and its power, family and its way of working for citizens - US citizens - but it probably mentions the idea and ideal of individuals - each human being and their rights (given or what a place has to assure as given or like given)

and if you turn your eyes to actual USA - family - is always the most base , foundational and also top prioritized norm.

And modern world runs without ever clearly speaking about this glitch, collision or conflict.

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There are multi-tons of missing conversations on the streets and sidewalks and in the parks of New York - boroughs, from Manhattan to Bronx.

I always see it and wonder about it and imagine about how if these people really start to talk to each other on real things, how much those conversations could go.

That is - one way of using HyperText.

Problem is - the attention goes to click counts and note counts on SNS. But - … then routines materials and new opening (really good new stuff) both are mixed in.

And people don’t take time and space to grow brains to really distinguish these. Even ‘industry’ folks.

It is amazing how it went this way past 2-3 years.

But then once everyone retreated from experimental stages - everyone? (except some aspects of Reddit) -

I really see no any new attempts coming up with real thinking and analysis.

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Then again back to this Hypertext thing

It is new thing so always we gotta try new things. Like how Tumblr could deal with adult materials. Well, how much real conversation it could have - generated? if - the platform (HQ) had right panelists, and had encouraged right arguments and discussions?

Instead, it went stealth - or silent deal with Yahoo over this issue. And Yahoo is also 2nd grade brained - so - Yahoo and Tumblr - does not generate any ripples in the pond or lake. They choose to not to try something and then want to make them looks smart and cool and money-making.

But then that:s been clearly too wrong, it didn:t even make use of the location - of Tumblr being in Manhattan - where multiethnicity clusters (Than Silicon Valley, clearly) - various long history and new immigrant communities cluster (way more than Silicon Valley, obviously), and all ages, well-reading people, well-meaning engaging people (WNYC) -

With staff from NewsWeek etc, Tumblr could have generated real conversations over many subjects - with real vigor -

Like Reddit.

Could have done it.

It could have done it in past 2 years. Just some slight different take of what Storyboard unit etc attempted. There gotta be timely, new, more widely participated, more serious conversations and discussions - if you are new, if you are invigorated and invigorating, if you are energetic and energizing new users, new participants, if you are energizing new participants into conversations in real substantial ways.

That is how hypertext platforms can grow. That is. Even with visuals.

Tumblr still can pick up this angle and set up ranges of strategies and start making attempts. It sure can.

It sure can.

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Tho I try to care -

that is true. And I really don’t know about how ‘fashion’ wise it goes in regular American situations - schools, work, family, community (?) etc.

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NGC 3918 “The Southerner” by geckzilla on Flickr.


but really, I think general trend is to make people really don’t care - and also really don’t think

and that’s been ongoing and I see no reverse in this large - globally prevailing trend.

to care is natural and yes it takes strength etc.

But - I am not sure people do actually care. I don’t think so. The opposite has been made as the norm - top of the norm - in many traditional cultures, psychologies, and also in more newer work, family, school etc - situations.

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