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▸ [Syria] Syria opposition fails to overcome differences in Cairo - BBC

Total death toll inside of Syria is now 16,000-17,000 *opposition figure. And oppositions still can’t unify. 

However, the major point of disagreement was over the powers to be granted to a committee that would act as a single point of contact for the international community, recalling Libya’s National Transitional Council.

The main opposition coalition, the Syrian National Council (SNC), reportedly insisted that it should act solely as a co-ordinating body without any leadership powers.

Earlier on Tuesday, there were scuffles, punches were thrown and women wept when a Kurdish group stormed out of the meeting after an argument over whether the Kurds should be recognised as a minority within Syria.

"We will not return to the conference and that is our final line. We are a people as we have language and religion and that is what defines a people," said Morshed Mashouk, a leading member of the Syrian Kurdish National Council.

Some delegates shouted “scandal, scandal” as the Kurds left, while one young activist alleged: “This is a faked withdrawal seeking to make the conference fail.”

One activist group, the Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC), had earlier pulled out, saying it refused to engage in “political disputes which play with the fate of our people and our revolution”.

Our correspondent says all this will frustrate opposition supporters inside Syria, and their allies outside, and provide comfort to President Assad.

However, it could be argued that the Cairo meeting was largely irrelevant, as events in Syria build a terrible momentum of their own, he adds.

Source: BBC

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