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ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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▸ [Syria-Turkey] Debris of fell Turkish jet shows no sign of explosives, Daily Telegraph

  1. Turkey finds no traces of explosives on debris of downed jets
  2. Experts saying Turkish jets probably lost control while making manoeuvre to dodge missiles
A minor twist. Probably. 

After concluding a partial survey of the remains of the Phantom F-4, Turkey’s general staff issued a statement saying: “No traces of explosives or flammable products were found on the debris recovered from the sea.”

The findings added a bizarre twist to an incident that provoked a major diplomatic crisis between the two countries, leading to Turkey stationing missile batteries along its border with Syria.

 …… experts concluding that the aircraft probably crashed due to human error after the pilots failed to perform an evasive manoeuvre to avoid the Syrian missile, it seemed likely that Turkey would still continue to blame the loss of the plane on Syria.

Source: vancouversun.com

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