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▸ Israel's immigration police granted power to deport foreign activists from West Bank - Haaretz

The new order authorizing the Interior Ministry’s enforcement unit, Oz, to act in the West Bank was signed by GOC Central Command Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon. The unit’s powers to act are broad, and do not take into consideration the division of the West Bank by the Oslo Accord into Areas A, B and C. According to the order, the unit is authorized to act not only in Area C, under Israeli control and Area B, under Palestinian civil control and Israeli military control, but also in Area A, which is under full Palestinian civil and military control.

When an inspector has a reasonable suspicion that a person is in the West Bank without a permit, he can detain that person and demand to see identifying documents. Oz personnel can also remove the individuals from the West Bank to a detention facility in Israel.

However, the inspectors will not be allowed to search a home without an order signed by a military judge, who is a member of the committee that discusses bans on the presence of foreigners in the West Bank.

In Israel proper, a civilian judge must sign an order to allow Oz inspectors to search a home.

Tourists to Israel are given a three-month visa, after which they must apply to extend it. Many foreign activists overstay their visa and remain in Area A. Now they will be liable for arrest and deportation no matter where they are staying.

Now Area A is reachable for Israeli police/military to go in - and snatch up activists. Though there will be counter-pushes by NGOs and other kind of organizations? 

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