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▸ [Re: Syria's Chemical Weapons - Any Possible Preventive Move by West?] Andrew J Tabler, Foreign Policy

Washington and its allies must lay down and enforce red lines prohibiting the use of Syria’s chemical and biological weapons (CBW), one of the Middle East’s largest stockpiles. To do so, Washington should push for a U.N. Security Council resolution under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, which sanctions the use of military action, on mass atrocities in Syria — including a reference that those responsible for the use of CBW would be held accountable before the International Criminal Court.


The international community therefore faces a dilemma: Should chemical and biological materials be put at the disposal of those running an Alawite rump regime, and those directing the shabbiha ”armed gangs” roaming the Syrian countryside, there is much greater likelihood of atrocities or genocide. And it’s not only the pro-Assad groups the United States must worry about: As the Syrian regime loses its grip on power, the roughly 45 different CBW facilities and tons of chemical weapons materials that U.S. officials estimate are scattered throughout the country could fall into the hands of Sunni extremists. 

The author is talking about specifically Syrian case - but I am wondering now that global opinion could shift to more stringent enforcement of global ban - of usage of WMD - if any parties in current Syrian conflict get hold of Chemical WMD and unleash it. 

How vividly images and footages will travel across the world - then global perception and reaction could push political leaders to make new norms and rules. Have to check how experts are viewing this. 

Source: foreignpolicy.com

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