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▸ [Syria - Kurds] [Iraqi Kurdish Leader] Barzani Unites Syrian Kurds Against Assad, Hazal Ates, Al-Monitor

While the prolonged conflict between the Syrian regime and the opposition continues, Barzani succeeded in reconciling the different Kurdish groups in Syria.

After Bashar al-Assad’s promises to the Kurds fell short, Massoud Barzani, president of Iraq’s Kurdish region, gathered the fragmented Syrian Kurdish factions in Erbil. The internal turbulence in Syria heralds a new era for the Syrian Kurds. It was Assad who has been benefiting from the “Kurdish card” thus far; however, it seems that Barzani is now beginning to have more control over Syria’s Kurds.

In the Erbil meeting, the Syrian Kurds decided to take a unified stand against Assad, set up a Supreme Kurdish Council and form “popular defense forces” to control the region.

The most significant development was the decision of the militarily strong Democratic Union party (PYD) to join this unified Kurdish coalition. The PYD is the Kurdish Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian branch. Until now, the PYD had refused to take part in the “Kurdish National Council” initiative or cooperate with other Syrian Kurdish groups. After the four-day meeting, all of the parties decided to act in unison.

Still waiting more comprehensive view re: Kurdish people. But. 

Source: al-monitor.com

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