but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”
▸ [Israel - Iran] Low support in Israel for unilateral attack on Iran, Reuters

  1. 19% support unilateral attack (Israel does it alone, without USA) 
  2. 26% if USA backs Israel, Israel should attack Iran (its nuclear program facilities)
  3. 29% Israel should never attack Iran 

Though sample is small as about 500. 

The survey commissioned by Maariv newspaper found only 19 percent of Israelis would support the go-it-alone strikes threatened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative government, while 26 percent thought military action should be taken - but only with U.S. backing.

Twenty-nine percent said the Jewish state should not attack at all, according to the poll, which asked what it should do if foreign sanctions do not deny Iran the means to make a nuclear bomb. Twenty-six percent said they did not know the answer.

The findings were largely similar to those of a survey published in March before the United States and five other world powers relaunched negotiations to try and rein in Iranian uranium enrichment. […]

The Maariv poll had 506 respondents and a 4.5 percent margin of error.

Source: reuters.com

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