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▸ [Iran] Iran starts mentioning possibility of higher enrichment program. Going to aim at 50-60%.

Iran’s tops and govt medias are now starting to mention uranium enrichment to the level of 50%-60%. That they should start it. 

Generally, Iranian statements are not in ‘coordination’. (Different person/media says different things - at random. I wonder why.) 

Iran will increase its level of uranium enrichment if world powers continue to place pressure on the country over its nuclear program, a senior cleric warned Saturday.

"Iran is now capable of enriching uranium at a 20-percent level, but if they (world powers) continue their pressure, we will increase enrichment levels to 56 percent," said Reza Taqavi, a close aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The remarks, carried by ISNA news agency, followed media reports that parliament was preparing a bill urging the defense ministry to design nuclear-powered ships, whose fuel would require enriching uranium to over 50 per cent.


On Monday, the conservative Iranian website Mashreghnews.ir said the country will one day need to churn out enrichment at “50 to 60 percent” for a future nuclear-powered fleet.

Path for Iran nuclear talks choked by tensions, Brian Murphy, AP (July 18 2012) 

Source: haaretz.com

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