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▸ [Palestine] Abbas/Palestinian Authority to seek UN General Assembly non-member state status

Again, sort of. Last year there was a certain excitement - but this year right now, I feel it’s a paper pushing exercise so that it looks like someone is doing something. (Though if this really starts get going, there will be another round of collective excitement, certainly.) 

As Jerusalem Post summarizes: 

  1. Abbas will first ask Arab League’s opinion
  2. Prediction is that UN General Assembly could vote ‘Yes’ 
  3. And that could generate Palestinians more legal leverage and status - over settlement and occupation issues. (Abbas’s view) 
  4. Though there will be obstacles and detractors

Abbas, who visited Cairo last week, told Egyptian newspaper editors that he was determined to seek UN recognition despite US opposition. He said that he would consult first with the Arab countries before setting a date for applying to the UN.

Abbas predicted that 133 countries would vote in favor of the PA application. He said that once Palestine becomes a non-member state of the UN, it will be an entity under Israeli occupation and the territories that were occupied in 1967 would no longer be considered disputed lands.


And what that entails is (legal jargons and ramifications - )

There are no vetoes in the General Assembly and adoption of a resolution could upgrade the Palestinians’ current status as a permanent observer to a non-member observer state.

While this would not give the Palestinians voting rights in the world body, it would give them international recognition as a “state” and the possibility of joining UN agencies and becoming parties to treaties including the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court.


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