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▸ [Israel-Palestine] Save Susya campaign: Over 12,000 faxes annoy Defense Ministry [also a Facebook campaign] +972

Reporting on this Southern Hebron Hill situation? is SO BAD ALL ACROSS THE WEB. 

  1. First. Map. We need. 
  2. And clearly, Southern Hebron Hill is not small.
  3. There are so called ‘cave dwelling’ villages and - separatedly? built dwellings in the open space (?) and both have some EU financed infra or facilities attached? 
  4. There really is no overview, consistent resources on these information. 
  5. (For European Union:
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/palestinianauthority/9263141/Cave-dwelling-Palestinian-farmers-facing-eviction-from-homes.html)

Anyway, for Susya - there was Fax campaign:

Over 300 faxes were sent on Tuesday morning alone to the Defense Ministry offices as part of the “S.O.S. Susya”  campaign launched by several Israeli anti-occupation organizations to raise awareness and actively oppose the planned demolition of the small Palestinian village of Susya, in Area C of the southern West Bank. A simple click on the campaign’s website automatically sends 5 faxes to the relevant authorities. Thus far, 12,500 faxes have been transmitted to the Defense Ministry and the Civil Administration, which has apparently severely disrupted both institutions’ ongoing work. (When Haaretz‘s report in Hebrew came out earlier today, they were at 10,000 faxes.)

Then Facebook campaign. They are still only campaigning among Israelis - not yet global participation.

Though this FB campaign page is fully English:


The groups then launched a Facebook campaign asking people to take a photo of themselves inside or outside of their house (a place they wouldn’t want to be demolished either ) and then upload it to the campaign’s Facebook page: “I Stand With Susiya: No to Demolition!”  So far thousands of people have engaged in this action, and thousands more have been exposed to the campaign page, which has produced six different posters, like this one:

The faxes campaign launched a week ago is currently operating only in Hebrew, which means the 12,500 faxes are all from Israelis. The success thus far seems to indicate that more Israelis are becoming aware of the state’s policy of discrimination and land theft in Area C (60%) of the West Bank, which may have gotten an extra push after areport Monday that Defense Minister Barak ordered the demolition of eight villages in that area to make way for IDF training exercises.

The coalition told +972 it is talking about extending the campaign to foreigners.

Source: 972mag.com

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