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▸ [Israel-Palestine] Is Israeli annexation of Area C of the West Bank imminent? Mya Guarnieri +972

She says she saw the video advocating annexation in May, but actually - Jewish Press ran an article in January 2012. 

Then, in February, Ynet News ran another piece on the same subject

Then in June, Arutz Sheva ran another piece. 

(*All these three articles are quite good and helpful. )

I just put up the map - for later use (if I come back to this subject) 

Area C is white part - so it’s in between ( BTW - what kind of stupid people agreed on this kind of setup in the first place?

  • Anyway, statistics wise - Israeli population in Area C is (overall?) now 350,000 to 300,000 - and Palestinian/Arab population is only 55,000. 

But - this settlement enterprise has never been about making or reaching to the stage for formal moves. It’s all about silent incrementalism - building facts on the ground while the world’s attention is absent. 

So ‘the formal move” (Annexation of some part of Area C) is least likely to happen. 

And Israeli Left - their thoughts and moves - and the basic premises of these - seem to have degraded considerably - or just non-existent anymore. (Though there always is a potential of - Israeli public coming to ‘rethink’ what is the best way ahead for Israel. That could generate more reliable and speedy momentum for change.) 

Source: 972mag.com

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