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▸ [Syria] Syrian Rebel Group’s Star Wanes In Brussels [West drops SNC, backs defected Gen. Tlass] WSJ Blog

So West (USA, Europe) dump SNC, moves to back Gen. Tlass (that good-looking, cigar smoking Sunni guy). He is supposedly secular (non-religious, not Islamist) - Sunni (majority), and have connections and can handle military/security issue. But rebels might not support him, or rather just strongly reject him as replacement for Assad. 

The Wall Street Jounal reported today that confidence in the opposition Syrian National Council is fading. The Journal said that the U.S. and some Arab and other Western nations are seeking ways to place Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass, Syria’s highest ranking military defector and — until now — the centerpiece of transition plans.

For Brussels in particular, this marks a significant shift.


Funny additional view to there is a view that there is Saudi vs. Qatar in this D: 
Aljazeera’s tools, the MB (SNC) challenged by Alarabiyah’s (Tlass & other fmr strongmen). Qatar vs Saudi, prize=Syria. cc

Not sure Qatar is backing Syrian Brotherhood and Saudi is backing Gen. Tlass -? 

Tlass is supposedly secular - as Prof Joshua Landis puts

Much of Syria’s middle and upper classes have not been heard from yet. many of them may find someone like Manaf Tlass appealing – perhaps not someone so close to the regime, but someone who had a hand in the regime, is secular, has money, has experience with the army, etc.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

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