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▸ [Syria, FSA rejects another exile formed revolutionary council] Syria rebels slam new opposition group, Reuters

So ”Council for the Syrian Revolution” was formed as the alternative to SNC. 

And FSA rejects. 

Optimism is optimism. It’s still around with us. But these news are signaling (discord among anti-Assad camps among Syrians) - that Syria’s post-Assad political future would never be an easy one. 

Needs some real close look how and why Syria’s opposition politics is so fractious - so that we would figure out intelligently -

Can keep this illusion (projection) about post-Assad Syria’s democratic emergence?

 - or - just otherwise. 

The Council for the Syrian Revolution was launched by a group of 70 exiled Syrian activists at a news conference in Cairo on Tuesday.

The emergence of new alliance marks the latest effort by Syria’s divided opposition to forge a political alternative to President Bashar Assad, whose forces are trying to put down a 16-month armed uprising.

The Syrian military has stepped up a military campaign to drive rebels out of Aleppo, the country’s biggest city, using helicopter gunships and other heavy weapons.

The politicians who formed the new coalition “were hit by a fever of … acquiring positions which led them to announce the founding of a transitional government … to ride over our revolution and trade with the blood of our martyrs”, the head of the Free Syrian Army, Colonel Riad Asaad, told Al Arabiya news channel.

"But in reality they are trying to revive the falling regime of Assad by taking a decision without returning to the people who have shed blood and tears to achieve their independence from Assad’s criminal gang," he added.

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