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▸ [Myanmar, Rohingyas Muslim] Global Islamic body urges aid to Myanmar Muslims, Reuters

Bangladesh is stonewalling re: its response/handling of Rohingyas Muslim refugees - so I wondered how leading Muslim nations might be talking to Bangladesh government - then found this: OIC is planning to discuss the issue on August 3rd. (Probably before they discuss the issue of Syria.) 

Have to see what kind of responses will be agreed upon and - what would actually take place. 

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, a group of 57 member states, urged the Muslim community around the world to give political, humanitarian and financial aid to the victims of violence in northwest Myanmar.

"There is displacement where tens of thousands of people lost their homes. There is a great need to house them, feed them, help them medically…There is a need for political and humanitarian aid. There is also a need for financial aid," Ihsanoglu said.

The “political aid” would consist of diplomatic representations to the Myanmar government on behalf of the Rohingyas, he said.

"We asked member states, who have embassies in Myanmar, to call the government and ask them to improve their treatment of those people."

The OIC will hold a consultative meeting in Kuala Lumpur on Aug. 3 to determine possible ways to deliver aid to affected people in Myanmar and refugees from the violence who fled to neighbouring countries, Ihsanoglu said.

Also cf: Bangladesh-Saudi relations: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangladesh-Saudi_Arabia_relations

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