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▸ [Syria, Aleppo] Syrian rebels capture tank as Aleppo battle rages, Reuters

Communications are still cut. Rebels tried to use a captured tank to attack regime’s air base. 

One concerning line here is that: 

Although government forces have made concerted efforts to take Salaheddine, a full-out assault on the city as a whole has yet to take place.

Is there any major offensive planned by the regime - and yet to come? or as it has been said, the regime cannot launch real ground level offensive because 1) that’d be too costly (will face too much loss and casualties) 2) and has no high enough morale for that. 

But then, attacking from distance first (for 3 weeks) was what the regime did in 1982 for infamous Hama massacre. Before they went in and cleared out Sunni insurgencies. 

After encountering fierce resistance, Rifaat’s forces ringed the city with artillery and shelled it for three weeks.


But for Aleppo, FSA/rebels appears to be much more active - not just being encircled (caught) and enduring shelling. 

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Source: reuters.com

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