but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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▸ [Syria, Aleppo] Rebels claim to be on the verge of seizing Aleppo, Guardian

Now opposite news from few reports received earlier today. Guardian’s this piece *relays* FSA/rebel’s message that they will soon establish the full control of the city. 

Rebel groups claim to be on the verge of seizing control of Aleppo’s ancient heart after days of pitched battles with regime troops in the centre of Syria's second city.

"We will be in full control on Wednesday morning," claimed Sheikh Tawfiq Abu Sleiman, the leader of the largest rebel unit in northern Aleppo. "We already have two of the walls of the citadel."

The battle for the central city is symbolically important for the guerilla force, which now claims to be in effective control of more than 60% of Aleppo. However after two weeks of grinding battles with loyalist forces in most districts, it may not be a harbinger of victory.

The large loyalist force that has been travelling to Aleppo for more than one week has arrived and taken positions on the southwestern outskirts, from where tank columns have intensified a barrage of the rebel-held district of Salahedin.

However, as rebels and locals alike prepared for a fifth day for an expected attack, some began to doubt that it would take place. “It’s psychological warfare, nothing more,” said a rebel from Damascus who called himself Abu Firas. “They can’t invade with everything they have because most people would defect.”

Source: Guardian

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