but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”
▸ [Egypt, Gaza] In the battle to restore order in Sinai, Hamas holds the key

So now Hamas has to really work for the solution, but this Haaretz (Israeli) report says Tantawi (actual security top of Egypt, not Morsi) - is not trusting Hamas. 

The Hamas leadership is trying to convince Morsi that it is capable of cooperation, at least on the intelligence level, and Hamas leaders – namely Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshal – went as far as offering concrete assistance to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leadership. However, Tantawi has so far showed little enthusiasm for the proposals of Hamas – a movement that up until a few months ago was still financially supported by Iran.

Source: haaretz.com

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