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▸ [Palestine, South Hebron Hills, Area C] EU pressure for aid change in Area C - Maan News Agency

This topic really lacks real reporting from anyone. Never making sense much.

  • 1. EU is trying to set up new project approval protocol with Israel - to prevent demolitions in Area C. But - on the ground, NGOs are saying that actually won’t work? (What?) 

Instead of making the implementation of EU-funded projects in Area C dependent on the Israeli Civil Administration and its requirement to obtain a permit, a new process is now guiding the EU’s approach.

"They are pressuring Israel to reach an actual game change in Area C. There has to be a game change," says Tsafrir Cohen, Middle East coordinator of the German organization Medico International.

The first step of the new process is the development of legal and technical guidelines (master plans) for each local community in need under the leadership of the local Palestinian governments. The master plans are then presented to the Israeli Civil Administration, which opens a case for each locality submitted, and is asked to check whether all legal and technical requirements are met.

So far, a total of 24 master plans have been submitted; four were technically approved by the Israeli government in January 2011, but no permits have yet been issued. “Obviously six months have passed since then. But some member states got cold feet and wanted to double-check with Brussels before,” Nitschke said.

Meanwhile, some EU member states have formed an interest group to advocate change, including Germany, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden and the EU Commission, he added.

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Source: EU pressure for aid change in Area C - Maan News Agency

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