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▸ [Israeli Foreign Ministry - Sanctions having devastating effects on Iran - and it needs one more push] NY Times

Sanctions are working - but needs one more round.

The Foreign Ministry report states that the international sanctions already imposed on Iran are having a deep effect on the country’s economy, according to the official, and may, according to some assessments, also be affecting the stability of the Iranian government. But the sanctions have not yet persuaded the government in Tehran to suspend its nuclear drive. Therefore, the report concludes that “another round of sanctions is needed,” the official said.

This document was leaked hours before Netanyahu’s UNGA speech to Israeli newspaper Haaretz

and there are some wonderings about the timing - why it was released.

The timing of the leak to Haaretz raised questions among Israelis. It was unclear whether the Foreign Ministry, led by Avigdor Lieberman, was sending a pointed message of its own to counter the usually belligerent tone of Mr. Netanyahu, or whether the leak was coordinated with the prime minister and intended to send a more conciliatory message from Israel to Washington.

Anyway that cartoon Bibi held up was so ‘off’ from adequate representation of the subject - and the logic he used was sort of ‘another new variation’ - 

But in the end no one is really following I think. 

This entire ‘campaign re: War on Iran/its timing’ has turned into something highly irregular and disorderly. It stopped making sense at some point. (Except for unshakable core audience.)

It’s up to slightly-future historians to uncover what really went on between Israel and USA.

Though - 

  1. Israeli public’s and USA Bibi supporters’ views and reactions (re: Bibi’s performance, perception re:Iran, re: possible war etc). Esp how Israeli public is going to decide, choose (or which, what kind of decision made by their leadership they are going to follow) - is the really important issue.
  2. Also, I think Netanyahu did expand the time frame to include possibility of early 2013 strike - during today’s UN GA speech
  • Updating reports re: Iranian nuclear program’s progress are consistently released (Reuters, IAEA etc) - while experts’ views on how Iran’s nuclear programs are advancing - time frame, threat level - are divided - sort of as usual. 

Source: The New York Times

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