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▸ [Benghazi Terrorist Attack and Obama Team] Kerry, Rice position themselves on Benghazi attack - The Cable - Foreign Policy

[Bob] Corker, who said last week that Clinton’s briefing on the Benghazi attack was “the most useless, worthless briefing that I have attended in a long time,” is set to be the ranking Republican on the SFRC, or possibly even the chairman, when the Senate returns next year. The confirmation of a new secretary of state will be high on the committee’s agenda.

Already, GOP offices on Capitol Hill say they are preparing to focus on the Benghazi issue if Rice were nominated to succeed Clinton.

"Benghazi is now to Rice what Syria is to John Kerry," one senior GOP Senate aide told The Cable,alluding to Kerry’s controversial past statements about Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.Senators feel misled and given the emotions surrounding this issue. I can’t imagine a Rice nomination sailing through without a floor fight. And if it’s the beginning of a second Obama term, he will not want a battle over his nominee, which could weaken him right out of the gate.”

Today US medias came to sound in unison that attack in Benghazi was by terrorists - though it does not appear this level of revelation or flip in official view is affecting voter’s (in)attention on this subject - at all. More surprising revelation can come out by the November but - solid ‘fact’ is alternative Romney/Ryan pair really doesn’t have any substance - on anything.

Still if Hillary is retiring (supposedly) and Susan Rice is going to take over - this issue could become the major hurdle for her confirmation. 

Also - experts’s views appear to be agreeing basic picture is that US diplomatic facilities have been exposed to same kind of critical threats for decades - and - this kind of security lapse has been recurring - but ‘the lesson’ never gets learned. So at its substance, it is factually and intellectually disingenuous to turn this incident into election issue or partisan issue. Though contemporary American political campaign goes in whatever way. 

Source: thecable.foreignpolicy.com

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