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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”

Why all these remote printing thing cant print just email body - much mobile devices really don’t have capacity for saving pdfs that straightforwardly and that means i have to be using laptop all the time. 

how these industry people really think thru?

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Not so accurate but :( 

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That report from Hong Kong about North Korea is true or not - …

have to wait :/

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Tonight can get really cold but - atm

all snows are melting, not really like “6 inches” some said in the morning. 

USA weather forecast’s accuracy continues to be something. 

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I really wish post Web2.0 developments were

not like all this can and trap users in utterly unproductive and repetitive ‘spheres’ - like gathering more fish or animal basically.

There are complete opposite directions and ideas and possibilities. Facebook, Google plus - all are about. ‘canning’ users basically - but there can be much other ways (even for collecting ‘customer/shopping’ interests and other monetary stuff).

And that’s my job huh. Out of Gold Rush stupidity. Next things.

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and running out of food options my body is willing to take in :/ 

problem of being a foreigner - in a foreign place

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“Yesterday, shortly after I posted a column on Secretary of State John Kerry’s push to have the White House approve U.S. strikes on Syrian airfields — and how Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey pushed back strongly against the idea — I heard from a number of people who support Kerry’s stance and think that the Pentagon is being unnecessarily timid.”

Why Kerry Wants to Strike Syria - Bloomberg

Pentagon and Obama … timid? 

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Log: Thank God Incoming emails stopped, now it’s 11:30 PM

Now I can stop doing choring. 

But then there is a possibility of doing all of them all over again tomorrow. :/ 

I have to be prepared for that worst case scenario. Like with all positive energy that I’m not dead yet. D: 

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So Syrian oppositions are in entirely irresponsible mess - 

One most painful? acute point is 

how this could have been foresaw/expected by Assad and Iran etc. That even there are discontents - they won’t be able to unite, coordinate, organize, come as strong enough united oppositions - 

that’s one (strategic thinking) point. 

I need to read more about this oppositions being so dis-uniting (factional) but does it worth reading/knowing even. 

From the get go, no one was really thinking through. 

It sucks. 

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▸ [Algeria Hostage Crisis] The Algerian authorities "will not meet the demands of terrorists and refuse any negotiation"

Not sure this site’s reports/updates are really reliable. 

But now there are enough materials to be really worried about. 

  1. Algerian govt maybe taking really firm stance that ‘We aren’t going to negotiate’ (yikes)
  2. Number of hostages could be more numerous 
  3. Terrorists making more drastic demands: stop French operation in Mali, release prisoners, etc. 
Obama/Hillaryshould be reacting and moving faster. Though not sure how much public attention this hostage crisis is going to receive. 

20 H 40:   The Islamist group claims that the terrorist attack was required on the part of France to immediately cease its military intervention in Mali, in a statement received by the Agency Mauritanian ANI. The kidnappers promised in return not to take the 41 Western hostages say they hold.

20 H 30: According Dahou Ould Kablia, the Minister of the Interior and Local Government reported the news website TSA, the two victims are Algerian and Columbia. Besides the attack would have killed twelve wounded.

20: 00: The kidnappers demanded the release of 100 Islamic terrorists detained in the country before releasing the hostages said an employee of the site of BP AFP.Adding that “the attackers demanded that the Islamists are conducted in the region of northern Mali.”

19 H 40: The United States confirms the presence of U.S. citizens among the hostages held at the site of BP oil In Aménas. The U.S. State Department, however, did not give details on the number or identity, the name of security.

19 H 15: The Algerian authorities “will not meet the demands of terrorists and refuse any negotiation,” said Ould Kablia Dahou, the Minister of the Interior and Local Government, on national television.

19 H 06: The hostages are more numerous than we think. The figures are constantly changing. According to the Journal du Dimanche (JDD), those still in the hands of the Islamist group would be at least a hundred. In an interview with the French newspaper Regis Arnoux, CEO of CIS Catering - that provides catering services, hospitality and logistics at the site of In Aménas-BP said that 150 employees of his company would be among the hostages. ”150 Algerian employees of our subsidiary Cieptal are currently held on the site of the BP consortium. They are not allowed to leave the base. ”They would not be held captive 41 foreigners but more than a hundred.

French CEO adds that “a group of sixty terrorists from neighboring countries, heavily armed and well equipped, attacked the base that night. They would then kidnapped all expatriates, whatever their nationality, have grouped and attached. Algerian employees, they do not have the opportunity to leave. They are retained within the site. The situation is very worrying. ’

Source: algerie-focus.com

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There is a real good band from UK (math rock) I want to post - but band’s name is too insensitive for another year or so in USA, so I can’t. 

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▸ The observer state of Palestine, Ian Buruma, Project Syndicate

Keeping the Palestinians divided between Islamist revolutionaries and the more business-minded Fateh suits Israeli purposes admirably. As long as Fateh keeps things more or less under control on the West Bank, and all Hamas can do is periodically lob missiles across the Israeli border or occasionally blow up bus, Israel can easily live with the status quo. Those Israelis who believe that a two-state solution cannot be achieved feel vindicated; those who simply do not want two states to coexist are equally well served.

From the current Israeli government’s perspective, then, the correct strategy is to keep the Palestinian government on the West Bank weak and off balance, without quite bringing it down, and to contain Hamas with periodic displays of military power (while destroying long-range missiles that can do serious damage to Israel).

Israeli policies are not genocidal, as some commentators, not always free from anti-Semitic animus, like to claim. Many Palestinians have been killed under Israeli rule, but their number is not even close to the number of Muslim civilians who are still being tortured, murdered, and maimed by Muslim governments every day. Israel is, however, a semi-imperial power, using traditional colonial methods: ruling by proxy, dividing potential rebels, rewarding obeisance and punishing opposition.

Colonial history shows that this type of rule is fragile. Humiliation is not a firm basis for long-term stability. There comes a point when promises of independence no longer convince anyone. Fomenting violent resistance by demoralising those who might still listen to reason is an invitation to disaster. The chances of a peaceful settlement vanish. Violence is all that is left.

It is one thing for colonies to blow up on the other side of the world. It is quite another if the colony is just next door, and the colonial power is surrounded by countries with limited sympathy for a mess that is largely of its own making.

  • Very strange (or absurd?) way of defending Israel - probably to make the (repeated) claim that Muslim population are told about Israel-Palestine crisis to distract the situation they are in - under their own each government. (Not genocidal - or it’s about proportionality, collective punishment (though UN said legal on Gaza), and so called occupation and apartheid situations - ethnic cleansing. All combined it’s quite. Problem is Israel and Palestinians don’t have communication channels on these, and international communities/outsiders somehow never really operate as fully committed, effective mediators/referees. It’s a very very odd situation - lasting probably ever since 1948. Very weird.)
  • And yeah, occupying force’s morale/dignity issue. (Martin Van Creveld)

Source: project-syndicate.org

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