but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”

Am I allowed to imagine

that if the prophet Mohammed met black kid and then white person (like Scandinavian) - and then South Asian (which, he might have met actually) and Far Eastern types (Mongoloid) 

what he’d have said. 

Or I don’t know. In Islam’s version - it’s more like God did not set him up to encounter the situation he faces all this appearance diversity of human beings - … so 


I’m just wondering he might have just pointed out all our blood is red - and that settles the case etc. 

Dunno. After/while wandering through so many scholarly articles about different interpretations of Sunni and Shia Islam - 

my brain wonders this kind of stuff in between like a whiff. 

Like - 

what are we chasing really? 

what are we really wanting to achieve? 

Does it really have to take hundreds of years from now on? 

Does it really takes all this Professors and all these academic bodies - and thousands of libraries with tens of floors - 

and hundreds of thousands of academic articles (on each, average reader count could be like - maybe at most 10??? (or far less, I think, I once heard.)) 

How all this religions started? By people without any much institutions. They didn’t have buildings. 

They didn’t have journals. They didn’t even have papers. They didn’t write things down.

Their words were in between their actions. (This goes true with Christianity, and probably Buddhism’s birth sequence) 

I really don’t know - do we really have grasp, real good grasp of why things started like that came to be like this? 

Do we really? 

Am I again impolite to this ‘Civilization’ thing by asking this kind of question? 

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10,000 Turkish soldiers arrived in the Kurdish cities of Lice, Kulp, Genç, and Bingol WEARING GAS MASKS.


Warning sign for a future chemical attack against the Kurds? I THINK YES.


Reblogging without confirming

It’s getting retweeted on Twitter but - can’t find ‘solid’ sources reporting this yet. 

And those cities are few hundreds miles away from border with Syria. So - have to wait and see. 

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“When the boyish Crown Prince Mohammed took over the reins of power in 1999, Morocco was caught up in a royal whirlwind. It was the most exciting time since independence, nearly a half century before. The nation believed that an era of reform had begun, that springtime had come at last. The new king appeared determined to correct the cruel abuses of a despotic state and lead the country firmly on the path to a modern democracy.”

Marvine Howe, Morocco: The Islamist Awakening and Other Challenges, OUP, 2005

King Mohammed belongs to the younger generation of Arab leaders, who came to power at the turn of the century on the deaths of their fathers, all towering figures of contemporary Middle Eastern politics: King Hussein of Jordan, Syrian president Hafez al-Assad, and Morocco’s King Hassan. The sons, respectively, King Abdullah II, President Bashar al-Assad, and King Mohammed, are Western-educated and known as political moderates and have brought with them immense hope for change in the Arab world. 

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(Turned into a rant): re: Egypt: Where

are the Egypt’s secularists and liberals discussing their responsibility and strategy 

Reliably. Doing it on Facebook? Reading Wael Ghonim’s feed doesn’t make me feel or think - they are really willing to expose 

how real they are

to the outside world. To my eye it looks Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists sending more signals and messages, translated, written about, quoted and analyzed. Might really need to step up the game and - *needs to be quoted by medias frequently, and ***constantly passionately analyzed and critiqued by experts.***

Or still think go it alone and learn the hard way independently? 

I am confused. There are few cliques on Twitter but - I don’t know. 

If your society is going to rocketboost into the future, I think ***what I wrote above*** is the thing supposed to be, should be happening. 

Gonna catch up on 200 years of twisted history and set the record and path to future straight. If that’s what you are all about, that needs to be happening I think.

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New followers …

But aren’t you all BOTS? :D ?

I’m hard time understanding the flow of your blog contents, and why you are following this blog. 

If you are human raise your hand (hit ask) 

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“The right response would have been…to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it," Cheney said. "I was told the president had three options on his desk. He rejected all of them.”
Cheney accuses President Obama of failing to act on downed drone, in an interview on CNN

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▸ OS X Lion passwords can be changed by any local user | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews

dscl localhost -passwd /Search/Users/USERNAME

When run, this command will appear to give an error, but if you enter the same new password at all prompts then the target account’s password will be changed. This is particularly notable, because once an admin’s password is changed, the hacker can log in as that the admin account and have full access to the system.

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Gaddafi asset freeze hit by name confusion


Attempts to freeze the overseas assets of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will be hampered as there are 115,000 potential spellings of his full name.

Every one of those spellings is a legitimate transliteration of his name and many banks and financial institutions simply will not have software sophisticated enough to track every variation. This means that some of Col Gaddafi’s assets might not be identified.

If this is true, would that explain why he can still call in mercenaries? Or probably he can consolidate his stash into somewhere which would remain accessible, meanwhile. (Some Arab or African banks, or even Venezuelan… etc.) 



The EU list of targeted individuals comprises 26 people, including state officials and members of the Gaddafi family.

Only 26 individuals? ... is that really sufficient? 

Source: independent.co.uk
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