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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”
One more!

One more!

“"Yes, to armed resistance" was scrawled on the outer wall this week, but quickly painted over.”
in West Bank, Palestinian Authority hasn’t done enough - says angry West Bank, Rebecca Collard, The National (UAE)

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“The Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, by contrast, is simply limping along, aimless, friendless, penniless, seemingly without any real strategy or new ideas. It looks, in every sense of the word, lost.”

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▸ Haaretz: Israel-Hamas/Militants Ceasefire imminent, Netanyahu-Clinton will finalize tonight 10PM local time

This Haaretz report says - ceasefire ceremony? could be tomorrow. It’s not guaranteed at all, but signs are up involving big names - like Clinton, UNSG Ban, Germany FM Westerwelle. 

5:24 P.M. Senior Israeli officials with knowledge of ongoing talks geared at reaching a cease-fire with Hamas will go into effect by Tuesday evening, adding that they hoped that the deal’s last points will be finalized in a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, due to take place at 10 P.M.

The officials added that the deal would not be a written agreement, and that no papers will be signed. “There will be understandings that will center on the cessation of Gaza rocket fire and the end of IAF strikes,” the officials said, adding that “discussions with the Egyptians on other issues like border crossings and arms smuggling will take place down the line” (Barak Ravid) (Barak Ravid)

5:05 P.M. Egyptian sources to Haaretz: Cease-fire signing to take place in Cairo on Wednesday, to be participated by UN chief Ban Ki-moon (Jack Khoury)

Source: haaretz.com

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▸ [Israel-Hamas/militant groups, Ceasefire is close] Times of Israel

Islamic Jihad saying truce will be tonight 7PM local time (in 90min from now).

Apparently, the Egyptian intelligence chief has called a press conference about Gaza for this evening. Channel 2 News analyst Ehud Ya’ari says that he wouldn’t be addressing the press merely to announce that ceasefire talks had failed. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad is saying a truce will go into effect at around 7 p.m.

Source: timesofisrael.com

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▸ [Israeli view on deterrence] As Battlefield Changes, Israel Takes Tougher Approach, Ethan Bronner, NYTimes

Tiny bit capturing how Israeli public or majority’s thinking pattern.

It is a bitter pragmatism. But - 

What’s really at the core on this is -

  • the subject of who should have saved Gazans
  • while prohibiting Iranian regime to build up influence/foothold there
  • Exactly same thing happened in southern Lebanon and to its Shia population (and Israeli people are also thinking about Hezbollah in the same way - deterrence have to be reinforced repeatedly, cyclically, over time.) 
  • [‘Responsibility’ - vs. interest, influence, sphere - different IR terms, ideas. How they get applied. Evolution.]

It is all too late. But I should check history of these cases much more closely. What were the limits - for the side of USA, Europe and Gulf powers. What they tried. Or they might never really tried and just looked away, or didn’t have any sufficient interest. 

Sectarianism - is fatalistic thing - and we basically have no intellectual comprehension of it - nor prudent measures - or anything.

(Attention and engagement with sectarian situation, or the marginalized - if there are terrible realistic limit of international relations on these - so be it. That may well be the limit of of what we humans can really be.)

(The current IR discussions about these two locations - is somehow (miraculously?) associating these with the case of Northern Ireland - that what took place in Northern Ireland could take place in Lebanon and Gaza - that those militias could become moderate overtime - turning into a legitimate? or part of legitimate? political entity. While there are probably much more local complexity and probably ideological difference are inescapably accompanying the cases of Lebanon and Gaza.) 

What is striking in listening to the Israelis discuss their predicament is how similar the debate sounds to so many previous ones, despite the changed geopolitical circumstances. In most minds here, the changes do not demand a new strategy, simply a redoubled old one.

The operative metaphor is often described as “cutting the grass,” meaning a task that must be performed regularly and has no end. There is no solution to security challenges, officials here say, only delays and deterrence. That is why the idea of one day attacking Iranian nuclear facilities, even though such an attack would set the nuclear program back only two years, is widely discussed as a reasonable option. That is why frequent raids in the West Bank and surveillance flights over Lebanon never stop.

And that is why this week’s operation in Gaza is widely viewed as having been inevitable, another painful but necessary maintenance operation that, officials here say, will doubtless not be the last.


Gazans see events in a very different light. The problem, they say, comes from Israel: Israeli drones fill the Gazan skies, Israeli gunboats strafe their waters, Palestinian militants are shot at from the air, and the Gaza border areas are declared off limits by Israel with the risk of death from Israeli gunfire.

But there is little dissent in Israel about the Gaza policy. This week leaders of the leftist opposition praised the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the Hamas military commander, on Wednesday. He is viewed here as the equivalent of Osama bin Laden. The operation could go on for many days before there is any real dissent.

Source: The New York Times

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▸ Experts: Hamas hopes to take over Palestinian cause, USA Today

Very choppy from paragraph to paragraph, but a really good read. 

Some snippets. 

"Because Hamas is for the very first time targeting the Israeli capital, it means the movement is insisting on moving forward against the Israelis to the bitter end."

Radical imams and anti-Semitic media sites in the Middle East have praised Hamas while scorning Fatah, whose leader, Mahmoud Abbas, controls the Palestinian territory of the West Bank.

"In many ways they (want) to see Israel react quite harshly, because that will bring the Palestinian issue back to the forefront," said Yossi Mekelberg, program director in international relations at Regents University, London in the United Kingdom. "Because if there is no violence, everything is forgotten."

At its core, experts say, much of Hamas is a radical group uninterested in good government.

"Some of its own members have become frustrated and radicalized by the groups’ essential pragmatism since the end of Operation Cast Lead in 2009, the last confrontation between Israel and Hamas," said David Hartwell, Middle East analyst at IHS Jane, defense and security analysts, in London.

"Hamas isn’t in a hurry for any reconciliation moves under these circumstances, since the movement managed to run the country for more than five years without Fatah’s help," said political analyst Talal Okel in Gaza. "And they can keep on doing that as long as the changes in the region (work in their favor)."

Hussein Ibish, a senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, said that “one thing motivating Hamas and others in Gaza in escalating this is to put Morsi on the spot and see what will the Egyptian government do.”

Source: USA Today

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▸ [Palestine: Hamas-Palestinian Authority] Amid Gaza Conflict, Dissent Plagues Palestinians, VOA

Though he condemned the attacks strongly, he did not take any steps to ensure the people of Gaza and us are the same people,” said Awad. “The Palestinian Authority did not do anything to stop security coordination with Israel or even threaten the future of peace talks during these attacks on Gaza.”

Security cooperation with Israel has been a grievance of many Palestinian activists. The Palestinian Authority’s security forces help control protests in the West Bank and human rights organizations report severe abuses of Palestinians detained by these forces.

Like previous post/article, similar prospect is captured in this piece. 

West Bank Palestinians’ dissatisfaction towards Palestinian Authority, and what could come out of this war.

There is a speculation that after this war, Israeli government (probably lead by Likud or Likud-Beiteinu) may start serious Peace Talks with Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. 

But Palestinian Authority might come out of this conflict - looking real weak. And Hamas might gain un-defiable popularity and legitimacy in the West Bank, thus rendering Israel’s Peace Talks with PA - ineffective option. (Though this is a just very linear speculation.)

Source: voanews.com

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▸ [Hamas Undermining Palestinian Authority] Israeli attack viewed as political bonanza for Hamas, Karin Laub, AP

Among experts and commentators - it is agreed that this war is going to undermine Palestinian Authority (Abbas, Fatah) - and Hamas will come out making considerable gain in many respects. 

Hamas already have considerable foothold and support in West Bank. And this article reports local population - already been so disillusioned by long-standing incompetence of Palestinian Authority - now rejoicingly moving to support Hamas. 

If this development goes linearly - the outcome and its implications will be really significant. 

The apparent rise in Hamas’ popularity also forced Abbas to ease up on his crackdown on the Islamists in the West Bank. On Friday, Abbas’ security stood by as hundreds of Hamas activists — raising their movements’ green banners — marched in several West Bank towns.

In Gaza, Hamas was basking in its newfound appeal. Government spokesman Taher Nunu claimed, without providing evidence, that the level of popular support for firing rockets at Israel is unprecedented.

The current mood in Gaza can quickly turn on Hamas, especially if fighting drags, the death toll rises or shortages are felt more keenly. But for now, Gazans seem to enjoy the rare feeling of keeping Israel off guard.

"Israel is more powerful, no argument about that," said Gaza City grocer Safwan Darwish, watching a Hamas TV station in his shop. "But this strong state which all Arabs fear found itself under the mercy of fire from Gaza."

Source: USA Today

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Photo of rocket trails in sky above Bethlehem
 by my @maannewsagency colleague Wajde al-Jafari pic.twitter.com/iUXjsoFm, source: Twitter / georgehale: 

There could be better ones but as a log. 

Photo of rocket trails in sky above Bethlehem

by my  colleague Wajde al-Jafari , source: Twitter / georgehale: 

There could be better ones but as a log. 

Hamas missiles reached Jerusalem area

Now missiles aimed at Jerusalem.

Not sure the one aimed at Knesset got any confirmation. But 2nd round of missiles are basically confirmed - it landed somewhere in Jerusalem - probably open space no casualties. 

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