but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”

imagefattysaid replied to your photo: Will Brotherhood somehow lose their current hold…

I don’t see them losing out, in fact, they have the most to gain out of the opposition’s failures. You know my view on the opposition, lol! How can we talk of Brotherhood losing out when 45% of people in rural areas haven’t even heard of the NSF?

I don’t know. 

That 45% is just one variable - there are many other major variables affecting and going to affect Brotherhood’s stance, legitimacy … 

Either way, I don’t really find real thorough and comprehensive analysis nor discussion on current situation of Egypt :/

I use the expression ‘pedestrian’ because I can’t think of how to characterize all these IR/Egypt experts and commentators - and Egypt’s political leaders etc are dealing with their problems. - 

they are all walking - they are all at the pace of pedestrian - I think :/

  1. Not thorough, full check of all major variables, 
  2. and then ‘pace’ of the thinking and anticipation, prudence is ‘very slow = pedestrian’ 

It is less frenzy injected (not like hyperbole roller coaster of Israel-Palestine) 


but I dunno. It always looks very … slow - and very - limited discussion. :/

  • + And honestly I have no sense of who’s going to win out and how.
  • + I do wonder about psychology of Brotherhood (as political psychology) *I should read more of their moderates, and those who left Brotherhood - after Tahrir, as all these political maneuvers by Brotherhood leadership developed, some moderates did leave Brotherhood with much criticisms. Left. Distancing. Raising critical voice etc. 
  • + But I also equal-amount wonder and baffled, and disgusted by NSF/Opposition side’s attitudes, psychology too. 
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fattysaid replied to your photoset: Haifaa Al Mansour’s film, [Wadjda] set in Saudi…

It sounds sooo good, I seriously want to watch this, thanks for sharing :)

It’s in ongoing Venice film festival - and distribution in Europe seems to be going well :) 

Hope it hits UK quick too!

Early evidence supports her view. Mansour’s film has already been snapped up for distribution in Germany, Switzerland and France, with further purchases expected in Venice this week. The one place where it is unlikely to play is in Saudi Arabia itself: the kingdom currently does not contain a single movie theatre. “Cinema is illegal in Saudi Arabia,” Mansour explains. “We are hoping this will change.”


I have no idea how it’d reach USA and the rest of the world :( !

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fattysaid replied to your post: Jot: These Western Artificial Thing, Like Equality, Rights Are so Foreign to Japanese Thinking, I Can’t Even Use Them to Counter the Situation

that’s quite interesting because Japan is usually portrayed in Western media as a democracy or at least a place with equality - I guess we don’t get the whole picture then?

Yeah. Whole society operates more like weird feudal place - with some meritocratic pathways (science, technology) - and some capitalism and business. 

With lot of lingering, negative traditions, cultural norms and values, stereotypes un-dying.

The only English-speaking person who actually really penetrated superficial clutters and got this ‘real’ Japan was  

E Herbert Norman (1909-1957)

This guy alone and only by so far. 

All others are stuck within Western projections, either political, or aesthetics stuff.  

Never really reaches to how cannibalistic and how ruthless Japanese culture, society is. (And still, how it has been holding up some positive views, perspectives on life - keep on living.) 

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fattysaid replied to your link: [Syria] Towards the endgame - The Economist

why not??

I wish I can breakdown and list all the reasons :/

Hope it gets contained and paced well (***esp by patrons or patrons can keep exercising good controls over proxies***). But - I’m really afraid of spillovers and further - so called - real classic kind of balkanization.

This is like once in a century kind of explosive geopolitical process going on. It’s just unforeseeable. 

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fattysaid replied to your post: Red Strike Through :?

I don’t see anything in red =S

It doesn’t show up always. Working like Easter Egg? sort of. 

I am not sure it’s my browser’s Javascript being wacked or Tumblr’s programmer updating software. 

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fattysaid replied to your post: [Egypt] Twitter search result on ‘SCAF’ [I don’t know how to make it readable. But basically everyone saying it’s SCAF.]

and the sad thing is, everyone is gonna be on SCAF’s side tomorrow, really takes the piss, all these innocent lives lost for nothing =(

BUT WHY??? "It’s a set up by SCAF (using State TV)" - this view is quite prevalent and persuasive on Twitter. 

Why would majority of Egyptian people listen to what SCAF says on State media - even after they experienced Tahrir/throwing out Mubarak? 

Majority of Egyptian public … is just like that? 

Very hard to believe!

And if they do - why Tahrir was even possible? 

(((if such situation happens … SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood alliance? )))

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