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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”

kremlinkingofangels replied to your post: Jot (Crudely)

Read Sam Harris’ “Free Will,” it’s very relevant (unless you already have?)

I know subjects lists are same. 

But I’m oriented towards opposite kind of handling. 

*And I’m sorry this is very crude and messy jot. Take what you can and leave the rest!

  1. I think my reading of history of Christianity and Judaism (through so called ‘emancipation’ process in Western Europe) - tells that people struggled to leave the binds (and damages) of organized religions. 
  2. And for that - they used their faith or something as strong but “not institutionally protected” within themselves. (Individual voice - its sincerity, earnestness, power. Unhindered.) [*And individual voices, today, are almost institutionally protected. But then how much effectively we exercising it - is very questionable again.]

I am not sure Sam Harris (and Richard Dawkins and others) handles this phenomenon appropriately. 


Jotting this reminded me about America’s founding fathers. 

  1. Deism. Being Desist (but not like today’s aggressive secularists). 
  2. And also aware of problems posed by organized religions. 
  3. But also sensitive and protective to the persecuted religious minorities. 

I think there is something could be articulated in much extensive and warm?

yeah warm way. 

Something went missing. 

Not that I ever will believe in God. 

But it’s about something about - how people come out of organized religions. 

Not simplistic Atheism vs. Believers. 

But more like - 

if we had space and really talk about - we might be able to make more sense out of each other. 

Not these days, but some years ago, in USA, Atheists and Evangelicals both tried to quote from Founding Fathers (Framers) 

and both did great mischaracterization of who they were, what they were thinking, imagining, at that specific point of history. 

That’s not modern America. That’s not modern or contemporary republic. 

I think there are stuff, much stuff missed from Founding Fathers/Framers in that sense, even confining our scope to modern USA history. 

Or how they tried to formulate the very first modern pluralistic (non-nationalistic) republic. 

We are missing greatly from what they dreamed of. 

And rather feeding publishers, media organizations and some perpetrators. 

[*One side episode I repeat here is that in the first place, Sam Harris tried to gain ‘inner peace’ through religions - he tried bunch of stuff for a while - and he couldn’t. And he became to write those books.]

[**And ‘Inner peace’ is something I don’t find in my Japanese background as ‘the subject’. It’s not something Japanese people care much. I still don’t know why and how to deal with this. I lack empathy completely on this subject. ]

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