but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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littlemissconceptions replied to your link: re: Wisconsin, Oak Creek - Sweep of the building is done?

or that noone has been left alive?


They are local news station - 

  1. They are sounding pretty much the operation at the site is done
  2. No additional casualties reported
  3. No hostage situation mentioned

Can flip - but they are sounding more like really activities at the site is done now. 

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littlemissconceptions replied to your link: Akhlaq / Akhlaaq أخلاق‎

also the farsi word used as “behaviour”

(RN I’m trapped in this figuring out who’s who of Hadith authors! Still!) 


:D !

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littlemissconceptions replied to your photo: World Court at the Hague. Iran wins case against…

Do you have any more information on the case?

It’s a well published story - there are many sites talking about it. Iran had oil, British and Shah worked to take that oil for British - but then Mossadegh was elected into the government as prime minister in 1951 and then he nationalized Iran’s oil. So British got angry - and took it to courts. 

When he [Dr Mossadegh] became the Prime Minister in 1951; The first thing he accomplished after introducing his nationalist cabinet, was the enforcement of the Oil Nationalization Bill to terminate the British ownership and influence on the Iran’s oil industry. The British immediate reaction was a lawsuit against Iran in the United Nations Security Council and Hague International Court. Dr. Mossadegh traveled to New York then to Netherlands (Holland) to defend Iran’s rights. The battle between Dr. Mossadegh and the British government in the Hague International Court concluded with a big historical victory for the Iranian people. The Hague Court voted in favor of Iran in spite of huge international legal encounter with England. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company was dissolved and the 1933 oil agreement between the Government of Iran (Reza Shah) and the British was cancelled. The British ownership and influence on the Iran’s oil industry was terminated and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the first national oil company in the Middle East, was established on March 19th, 1951 (29th day of Esfand 1329, Persian calendar).

*emphasis mine


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