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even ever more than before 
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▸ [Afghanistan: Kabul under Taliban attacks] Gunfire and blasts heard in Kabul, BBC

Multiple blasts and gunfire have been heard in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul.

The central district is home to a number of international embassies and there are also reports the parliament building is under attack. Residents were reportedly running for cover and sirens wailing in the Wazir Akbar Khan district.

There is normally a surge in the number of Taliban attacks at this time of year following a relative lull in winter.

There are reports of at least seven large explosions in central Kabul and gunfire from various directions in the heavily barricaded diplomatic zone. Some explosions were heard near the parliament building in western Kabul and police said it may be under attack.

Witnesses told Reuters news agency this appeared to be a co-ordinated attack and a parliamentary spokesperson told the agency rockets had been fired at parliament and the Russian embassy.

Smoke was said to be billowing from the direction of the German embassy. The Agence France-Presse news agency reports that the newly built Kabul Star hotel is on fire. Its reporters said they heard the US embassy sounding alarms and warning staff to take cover.

There are also reports of gunfire from a number of other parts of the capital.

Insurgents got into the city, taking over buildings - and firing RPGs and heavy machine gun fires - from at least two locations. And it’s still continuing. 

Source: BBC

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