but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”

imageopenourminds replied to your post: Now I’m not understanding the merit of PDF format…

have you ever used a scanner? lol.PDF files are GREAT for forms and working with and viewing paperwork documents.

Primarily I’m complaining for research/reading materials. (Not those docs, forms)

For most of the ‘forms’ I have to 

  1. Print out 
  2. Write stuff in (esp signature) 
  3. Scan as image
  4. and email
Exceptionally there are ‘Editable’ PDF. But usually those documents require a signature - so around me, office/doc/form stuff, it requires printer and scanner. Very obsolete and we are collectively stuck. 
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when we start pumping more gas that saudia arabia. there will be no more need for isreal.

No one can talk for sure about 10 years from now re: situation surrounding Israel and USA-Israel relation. 

And Israeli people - will create and form their own survival consciousness and culture - there is enough time for that. Another round of it. And - they are kind of used to it. 

I don’t know if things get real worse - still Israeli people’d stick to that location, or - some’d at least give up. 

But there is still too much time, enough time for Israeli people to form new survival consciousness. 

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wait wait. a 16 year old is chillun with a cop and is claiming spy games? man people wish they were important. they could care less about commoners. lululul

I think they are just having fun. Or trying to have fun. 

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openourminds replied to your photo: Projector capacity for smart phones - (probably…

woah! now that’s something i’ve never really thought of before other than linking smartphones to larger displays.

Like you can project princess Leia anywhere. 

Conversations could become a lot fun. 

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The embers to the first last until first rain. cramming down is how sheeple learn. give them the freedom of choice and they will choose the easiest way out. that’s the nature of the general populace…sadly. ‘cram-down’ with positive connotation

You are wise. 

Old educations knew this very well about human beings. 

But today’s education - either by schools or actual parents - lost and keep losing this dimension about human beings. 

Thus the world of human beings is only becoming more and more difficult - selfish place. 

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with popularity you gain the power of influence! cram what you know down societies throats.


Yeah, such openings - have to be seized. I know. Yeah. 

Though I won’t pick the style of ‘cram - down - ‘ 

Naturally noticing - and maybe bit awkwardly approaching - then there might be some sparks. Some blogs still maintain that kind of gesture. 

It’s largely lost from Tumblr - 

Will keep thinking about it. 

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Now people want to be…. special. And to be special in this country… is to be not left out. which is obviously ass backwards. i miss the spunk of my generation and grow tired of the mediocrity we create around ourselves.

Hmm. I always say stay confident and competitive. If one can. 

Yeah. Addressing genuine grievances and real causalities isn’t really possible. Sort of hard. People keep things to themselves a lot, and you really have to be stylish and ‘in line’ with ‘public’ - in public spaces. And mediocre clutters. Yes. 

But America is really ‘thick’ with talents and motivated individuals. Amazing people come up through amazing paths. 

Things do change here like HOLLY SHIT because of that. 

Though that’s becoming not ‘Only In America’ phenomenon. 

So all the more reason to stay confident and competitive. With good, authentic creeds. If one can. 

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Sometimes having a real good laugh or realization of broader American realities.

Used to. 

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Human beings can ear mostly everything. Unless it’s obviously poisonous. Like the leaves of potatoes or leaves of tomatoes. A lot of berries depending on where you are in the US. go eat a mouthful of flour, you wont get sick but it wont taste good=]

Potato leaves/greens => Chinese ppl stir-fry it

I heard tomato leaves are actually poisonous - ? 

Flour. Yeah. Won’t get sick from a handful. 

But I’d stick to raw potatoes. Seems some salad recipes aren’t really that bad :) 

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you can eat nearly everything.

raw. (I’m Japanese, I know it!) 

But - I don’t know we can digest raw grains - even if they are milled/ground to powder. 

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now. the war on iran

Who wants it? First we will face massive oil price increase. And giving enough lead/warning time for Iran to prepare whatever it can do to disrupt/sabotage/setup anything in the region … 

Has no idea - whether it’s all orchestrated but then for what ends?

Or it’s just rather coincidentally things coming up in one narrow time frame? Nah. 

But then, war with Iran and its proxies now? 

It’s an irresponsible suicide, esp for USA. 

It does stink though. But if USA goes into war with Iran - … I don’t know how it’s going to be. 

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