but we are actually all winds
ever more than before
even ever more than before 
towards future 
and redeeming laughters
and happiest laughters
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“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access. Because people, the young guys, you know, are all going to go out and see biased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they’re going to be able to contribute and collaborate together.”


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Jot [= Why not challenge the word and idea of ‘Politics’ ‘Political’ in the first place?]

Wondering Beyonce-Gaga comparison

then Gaga-MIA (MIA fired shot)

But then is MIA is really that political? - is her active about ‘Politics’?

And then story of Sri Lanka and how civil war situation emerged and where it is at now -

is word ‘Politics’ - isn’t something we really first should replace? Isn’t that something coming from … 

It doesn’t connote or signify how many lives lost, how many people died, how much of pain and losses went on in a place. No it doesn’t. Really doesn’t. It rather trashes or detaches it - removes it and throws it away. 

What’s there is pain. What’s there is asking that can we do this really differently? Can we change - challenge ourselves to do this differently. Or - have we really even looked at, stayed with what took place really long enough?

Life goes on and have to roll on but at what tempo and how? Reality doesn’t give you breathing space even. Okay. Roll on.

I wonder is it possible to replace the word ‘politics’ with - something like ‘pain’ or ‘wound’ - 

Either way, the word ‘Politics’ is too cheap 

and as long as we use that word and idea, we are cheapening ourselves and others

Probably. Probably it has this fatalistic acceptance of - limits of human beings - being mere mortals, being really stupid and attention deprived and hasty shallow being - …

so accept this, we call it ‘Politics’ - using word came from somewhere else, and we do it in the way we keep do it in the way - as it’s been done by - like Greco Romans or whatever older systems and - …

and sure, it will again take some of us into ‘gutter’ - to poverty, to misery, or even to pain and death. In conflict, in terrorism. in War.

But that’s the word - we all use. Clear and makes sense.

I only see how we are limited in this.

And wonder why we can’t change just this damn word. It’s a single word.

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Jot: re: Benghazi - Google around. There is no definitive account yet.

1. who made the film - who are they? Not known yet really. 2. few accounts reported the film has been the topic among Islamists or Salafists for weeks. 3. how it was shown in Egypt? not known. 4. how it was shown in Benghazi? not known. 5. There have been reports that drones have been in Libya throughout since 2011 - while supporting rebels against Gadaffi - and drones never left Libya - stayed in operation for surveillance. 6. CNN did report that too. 7. So now CNN relaying Pentagon that drones will be back in Libya - really doesn’t make sense. 8. Also Pentagon now saying It is not sure public protest and attack on consulate is related or not. 9. It is still too early to judge or conclude much or any part of what really took place. 10. Meh.

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▸ Iran [announces that it has a plan to develop] nuclear-powered submarine: report | Reuters

(Reuters) - Iran said on Tuesday it planned to build its first nuclear-powered submarine, a news agency reported, an announcement that came days before talks with world powers and may add to Western concerns over its atomic activities.

Next nuclear talks - Iran vs.(?) UNSC P5+1 is in Moscow, 18-19th.

All these rather instigating diplomatic jabs - are they all approved by Khamenei? - consistent indication of how he approaches and thinking. Or rather out of coordination. 

Source: reuters.com

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A priest stands in the roofless shell of St. George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, on the corner of St. George’s Road and Lambeth Road in Southwark, South East London. The Cathedral was severely damaged by an incendiary bomb attack in 1942.


A priest stands in the roofless shell of St. George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, on the corner of St. George’s Road and Lambeth Road in Southwark, South East London. The Cathedral was severely damaged by an incendiary bomb attack in 1942.

How far humans can ‘derail’ (from original spirits or original teachings) - is somehow at astounding level. 

And there aren’t much warnings on this on the walls of civilizations.

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mandapolos replied to your post: mr7maday replied to your post: LIFE AFTER HUMANS?…

it’s always so awkward when you’re jewish and anti-zionist

It’s funny because most Zionists are not Jews and most Jews are at least for a 2-state solution.

It’s also awkward when you’re a Mizrahi Jew and Mizrahis are treated like dirt, especially in Israel. 

Anna, get facts plain and straight. Mizrahi situation has moved into something more twisted long time ago. Mizrahi - this ‘category’ does not simply fit into Left’s illusion/narrative of ‘The Oppressed/Victims’. 

Two of the politically most prominent Mizrahi Israelis/Jews below. 

1. David Levy (originally from Morocco) 

David Levy (Hebrewדוד לוי‎, born 21 December 1937) is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset between 1969 and 2006, as well asDeputy Prime MinisterMinister of Foreign AffairsMinister of Immigrant AbsorptionMinister of Housing & Construction and as a Minister without Portfolio

Levy’s rise expressed the surging power of the new rebellion of the Mizrahi Israeli. In 1977, Levy became one of the most strident campaigners in Likud leader Menachem Begin's triumphant campaign that overturned the 30 year domination of Israeli elections by parties of the left. He drove hundreds of thousands of Mizrahi voters to the polls to vote for Begin, whose populist messages struck a chord in their hearts after the three decades of almost completely Ashkenazic Mapai hegemony.

And I think you can imagine what the portfolio of Minister of Housing & Construction means. Likud. He was the most potent aid to Ariel Sharon. 

Foreign Minister David Levy said building [of settlements in West Bank] should be done quietly, without any “unnecessary declarations that will only bring pressure on Israel.” And Health Minister Ehud Olmert said it might have been better to delay the settlement for a couple of days because of Mr. Baker’s visit.


2. Ovadia Yosef (From Iraq) - Shas Party’s spiritual leader - pro-‘settlements (expansion)’ in West Bank

Yosef frequently makes use of the slogan “Restoring the Crown to its Old State” (להחזיר עטרה ליושנה) as a metaphor embodying both his social and halakhic agenda.

On a social level, it is widely viewed as a call to pursue a political agenda that will restore the pride of the Mizrahi Jews in Israeli society, which historically suffered from discrimination and were generally of a lower socio-economic status than their Ashkenazi counterparts.


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It is getting worse or Tumblr has gathering of particularly ill tempered type… it is really appalling that people who made it into college/university, with bi-cultural (or more) background - and now almost finishing their degree - only blog in this kind of way and manner - every single damn day. Just foul mouthed or frustrated, or insecure, vengeance. Looks drowning and also pulling others to drown. It ia a common phenomenon but - stunning.

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“VIDEO - Mob incited by the army and State TV, attack the Coptic Hospital youtube.com/watch?v=pCInUA…”

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▸ Wall St Week Ahead: Earnings calls wake up to Wall Street pain | Reuters

(Reuters) - Earnings forecasts for U.S. companies are starting to feel the pain on Wall Street and in the broader economy as the odds of another recession rise. Intense fear that global debt issues and stagnant growth cannot be resolved has pummeled market confidence in the past couple of months.

Earnings have been one of the market’s few positives, coming in strong despite economic woes. But analysts now are toning down double-digit growth targets for the rest of this year and next on the heels of a record second quarter.

 A distressing signal came from FedEx Corp, the world’s No. 2 package delivery company, which many on Wall Street look to as an economic bellwether. FedEx lowered its full-year profit outlook last week, citing high fuel costs and a struggling global economy.

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▸ Dan Senor: Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote - WSJ

New York’s special congressional election on Tuesday was the first electoral outcome directly affected by President Obama’s Israel policy. Democrats were forced to expend enormous resources in a losing effort to defend this safe Democratic district, covering Queens and Brooklyn, that Anthony Weiner won last year by a comfortable margin.

A Public Policy Poll taken days before the election found a plurality of voters saying that Israel was “very important” in determining their votes. Among those voters, Republican candidate Robert Turner was winning by a 71-22 margin. Only 22% of Jewish voters approved of President Obama’s handling of Israel. Ed Koch, the Democrat and former New York mayor, endorsed Mr. Turner because he said he wanted to send a message to the president about his anti-Israel policies.

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▸ Palestinian reconciliation stalls over statehood [There was no such thing as Unity Deal?], Mohammed Daraghmeh, Associated Press

*”Reconciliation” means “Unity deal/agreement” between PLO/PA and Gaza Hamas here. 

(( My view: Israelis only allow particular kinds of political leaderships to develop and remain for Palestinians. But outside world doesn’t doubt Israelis’ interference is that calculated and reaches to that level, and also too defensive/protective/idolizing about PLO/PA. Thus, Palestinians are bound to lose. Maybe too conspiratorial view, but … where is Hanan Ashrawi, GAH, she is stuck in highbrow politics … ))

Hani al-Masri, a commentator for the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam, said the two parties signed the reconciliation agreement under pressure from ordinary Palestinians but did not really intend to unite.

"Abbas is not ready to share power with Hamas and Hamas is not ready to adjust its political agenda to have such partnership with him," Masri said. "Unless President Abbas abandons the peace process for good, there will be no reconciliation with Hamas, and it’s clear he didn’t."

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▸ Raw Data: Text of President Obama's Mideast Speech - FoxNews.com

Fox news showing up fastest on Google. 

Anyway, the address is long and complicated. Maybe one of the most complicated Presidential speech re: Israel-Palestine ever. 

Heck. We know no one knows how it’s gonna roll. 

There are possibilities for changes, but I feel it’s also just like trapped in the worst kind of mine field. 

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The Stalin Monument, Erivan 1962

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